I love listening to your show. THOU ALMOST PERSUADEST ME…
Anonymous Anglican Clergyman

You guys are great! God bless the work that you are doing. I’ve learned more about Orthodoxy in the last few months that I’ve found your podcast than I have in my life to this point. I’m 37 years old and was born into a Greek Orthodox family. I was baptised Orthodox and unfortunately, took it for granted. You can’t imagine my delight in discovering your show. You are answering so many questions that have been in my mind for years – and I am grateful!!… if you post anything, please just put my initials – my Mom might see it and I’d be in more trouble because she would feel guilty!


Especially helpful to me — and challenging — was your series on “converts”. It wasn’t easy to listen to, but like good medicine, it was necessary. You pointed out numerous traps that, with my personality, I could easily see myself falling into. Thank you.


I wanted to let you and Bill know that after a 3 year journey I was chrismated on Saturday. I can honestly say that without the OLiC broadcasts I don’t know that I would be at this point now. My priest is very gifted but he struggles with teaching and the program you and Bill do has been a real gift & grace from God.


I have only just discovered your site and find it uplifting and enlightening! The relaxed way you bring the message across is easy to understand and listen to. God bless you as proclaim the risen Christ and His authentic ancient church in this modern and amazing way.

PP, Australia

I want to once more give my most heartily thanks for the treasure you are sharing through your shows and for making that treasure widely available through the internet, I am sure that the Church headed by Christ Himself appreciates your efforts. We in Macedonia enjoy your program!

NS, Macedonia

I was searching through the web to find out a site to have Orthodox religious studies. It was a surprise to me to find your site. I have down loaded a few of the articles and started learning/ reading. What I have noticed is that most of the orthodox believers are ‘Caught and being taken away” by protestants making them attracted by their “Prosperity Ministry” The reason for such exodus may be that Orthodox Church is not caring to teach their followers the orthodoxy. I am doing in a small way in our church teaching in the Sunday school and preaching in small prayer groups . I wish I could get a copy of the Orthodox Study Bible which would help me much in my endeavor.

KJK, India

I’d like to express my appreciation for your ministry and its accessibility, it has provided my much weary eyes a rest from studying; it has proven to be a ministry of both teaching and affirmation along the way. I have referred many others interested in Orthodox to your show confident of the credibility of the teaching, accessibility, and humility in presentation.




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  1. I love you guys! I am a Seventh-day Adventist (you can debate whether or not we truly represent some form of Protestantism, but we are clearly a result of Protestant fracturing of the church) and I have been investigating church history and Orthodoxy. I find that at some level, the doctrines of Orthodoxy are self-evidently true. God really is love. Love isn’t just one of God’s many attributes as protestants (especially Calvinists) say. Love is the very essense of the triune God. And perfect righteous, perfect holiness is nothing but the infinite co-suffering love of God. Calvinists have antrhopomorphized God in a way that is simplistic at best and perhaps idolatrous at worst.

    And in Orthodoxy I have found a balance between fundamentalism and intelligence. Fundamentalist Calvinists like to claim that they are the ones who take God and the Bible seriously and those silly emergents or charismatics who want to love everyone are just foolish and heretical. Further, they flatten the Bible out to it’s most literal and lowest common denominator interpretation which often means that their understanding of it becomes comical to those outside the church. No doubt a Calvinist would say that these people are just woefully sinful and cannot submit to God, or something like that… But those outside the church would be right in their understanding Calvinists, not because they have sin-darkened minds, but because sometimes the way the gospel is expressed by Protestants really is a form of irrationality or insanity or pride. Their simplistic view of predestination and their penal substitutionary view of (limited) atonement are cases in point. Modern atheism really is a result of such absurdities about God. I can’t remember who said this but it goes something like this: “Modern atheism isn’t so much a rejection of God as it is a rejection of the Western God.” I think there’s some truthfulness in this statement.

    It’s funny that often Eastern Orthodoxy is in greater agreeance with some of the more contraversial elements of modern evangelicalism such as Greg Boyd and Rob Bell than it is with the Neo Calvinists. Yet, ironically, it is the Calvinists who always claim to have church history on their side (what happened the Bible?!!). The emergents don’t claim church history which is sometimes in the favor because they have such a low view of ecclesiology (along with most other Protestants, including Calvinists). So the Calvinist claim church history (what they really mean is church history since the reformation) supports their reading of the Bible. The emergents, who are sometimes closer to the early church understanding, don’t claim it because they place no value in it, and so what happens is just confusion. And if anything the Calvinists take higher ground based on their dubious claim on church history. ummm “Tradition” anyone?!!

    But in orthodoxy we see far more balance. Far more intelligence (though not in the sense of the kind of scholasticism we find in the West). And above all, far more love. And Orthodoxy isn’t just some liberal innovation. It’s an ancient tradition of the church, which has defended the faith against heresy and given the church her martyrs. The accusations that the tenacious Calvinists level at the evil emergents simply do not apply to Orthodoxy. In Orthodoxy we can have a faith that is not only true to the scriptures, but is also true to the church. It is a faith that is acceptable to non-believers, yet it is a scandal to them at the same time. These tensions have their proper place in Orthodoxy. I would argue that Calvinism is simply a scandal that must be rejected by reasonable people.everywhere. There is an account of Protestant missionaries going to Japan. The buddhist monks there ridiculed them because they presented a God whereby humanity needed to be saved from God himself. It is indeed ridiculous. If an Orthodox understanding of God were presented, a God that wants to redeem humanity from the curse of death, then more inroads would have been made. This is evidenced all the more that a lot of Western “missionary” was done through the barrell of the gun in colonial times. People didn’t just accept the Western God, it was rammed down their throats. I’m glad that there really hasn’t been such a violent history in Orthodoxy. I’m glad that there is a tradition in Christianity that never experienced the Dark Ages, that never needed reformation. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  2. Dear Steve and Bill,
    I am working in Shanghai (China) and love your programme.
    I appreciate your natural, ‘folksy’ style because it makes listening easy and makes me feel like I’m there in the room with you. Although I’m Australian and don’t share your accent, I share your style of talking.
    So you can probably guess I’m a bit starved for company and there isn’t an operating Church here to become a catachumen in .Actually, there is a building with a wonderful history but no Church.(See St John of San Fransisco and Shanghai).
    I’m in touch with a ROCOR priest in Australia by email.
    My wife and 3 of my children came to live with me here in Shanghai but my wife picked up a teaching job in Hanoi, Vietnam and left last week. So I’m single again.
    Oh, I should mention what I do – I make oboes. Yep, the wind instrument.

    I understand things are tough in the US right now. I will pray for your programme to continue.
    God bless you guys!
    John Armstrong.

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