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In 1997 Fr. Andrew Barakos of Assumption Greek Orthodox Church, Scottsdale, AZ started a live weekly Orthodox radio broadcast under the name “Come Receive the Light” on a local Phoenix radio station.  He discussed inquirer friendly Orthodox teachings and interviewed guests. In 1998 Steve Robinson was a guest on the program as a recent convert.  After the broadcast, Fr. Andrew invited him to host the program every other week due to Fr. Andrew’s schedule. Fr. Andrew often had to play “re-runs” and wanted to keep the program fresh each week.  In January 1999 Steve and Allan Boyd, a long time friend and also a convert, began hosting the show together.  Within a couple of months Steve and Allan were hosting the program 90% of the time.

In 2000 the station changed formats and dropped the show.  It was picked up by 1360 KPXQ, a Protestant evangelical “talk radio” Salem affiliate. It was (and remains) the only non-Protestant Christian program ever broadcast on the station. They kept the weekly live discussion “call in” format and changed the name to “For the Life of the World” to distinguish it from “Come Receive the Light” hosted by Fr. Chris Metropolis in Florida. In 2003, Allan left for seminary.  After trying out several people, Bill Gould, who Steve met while they were both in the Episcopal Church, replaced Allan as the co-host.

In 2004 Assumption had to drop the radio ministry due to the costs of their building program.  Steve and Bill were able find enough donors to continue the radio ministry and signed a contract with KPXQ under the new program name “Our Life in Christ”.  Bill designed a website and they began recording the live studio broadcasts and putting them on the internet.  The program went “viral” on the “Ortho-net”.  Listeners from over 30 countries emailed the program with questions and comments.

About that same time John Maddex was beginning an Orthodox internet radio station called “Ancient Faith Radio”.  John Maddex found the broadcasts, contacted Steve and Bill, and in March, 2006 “Our Life in Christ” became the second podcast to be regularly aired on AFR.

When Steve and Bill saw the listener response at AFR they decided the internet was the future.  They dropped the live local broadcast which cost nearly $1,300.00 a month for air time. They bought a couple hundred dollars’ worth of microphones and a mixer and began recording and producing the programs in Steve’s basement (where his dying father in law’s coffin that Steve built for him was stored, hence the nickname the “basement catacomb studio”).  They also began to offer a “Free Orthodox Study Bible” to non-Orthodox listeners.  The response was overwhelming.  Unfortunately, they eventually had to drop the offer due to lack of donations, but had sent out hundreds of Bibles to non-Orthodox listeners all over the world.

In December of 2008 Steve and Bill decided to take a hiatus from recording.  Pressing family and Mission Church commitments left little time for research, recording and production of new programs.

In 2009 Steve began a solo podcast on Ancient Faith Radio called “Steve the Builder” which focused more on the spiritual life, modern culture and his personal struggles as a convert to the Orthodox Church.

  5 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Come back!!!!!!

  2. I am so glad that i have came upon your site, I can’t get enough of it i have learned so much about the church and why everything is done, i am Greek Orthodox, and it has helped me come closer to the church and the faith!!!! I listen when i am home while doing chores, or at work on the cell phone, and sometimes i listen right before bed and it helps me calm down before bed!!! Thank you so much!!!

  3. I would be interested in receiving a copy of the Orthodox Study Bible. My address is:

    Charles Wiese
    3902 Bender Road
    Middleville, MI 49333

    • Hi Charlie,
      Sorry it took so long to get back to you. Life has been quite hectic the last couple months and we’ve neglected the website completely.
      Anyway, the OSB offer is no longer available. The website is essentially an archive of 10 years worth of programs and the Bible offer was up for about 2 years before we ran out of money several years ago.
      We hope you enjoy the programs anyway. 🙂
      in Christ

  4. I’ve been listen to your program as well as many other on Ancient Faith radio for some time now. As a Lutheran for over 18 years, I became disillusioned with the teachings of the church a number of years ago and began my search for truth in Christianity. I believe God led me to investigate Orthodoxy. I’ve visited a few Orthodox parishes in the past, but we only recently moved closer to where there are a number of parishes within driving distance. Id like to go a step further into really studying Eastern Orthodoxy. I would be so grateful to receive an Orthodox Study Bible, if you’re still sending them out. I enjoy your program very much and am currently listening to your talks on End Times. Thanks.

    Susan LaRue
    7589 Hillsboro House Springs Road
    Cedar Hill, MO 63016

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