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I’m getting Chrismated tomorrow (Palm Sunday) – I’m so excited I can hardly stand it!!!! Thanks to you and Bill and the power of Internet broadcasts and Podcasting – You guys have helped me so much on my journey to Orthodoxy – it’s great to be home.


Okay. You guys freaking rock! I sent the email requesting a (free Orthodox Study Bible),I can’t believe you actually sent me one πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ It just arrived on my doorstep about five minutes ago. You might like to know that I was received as a catechumen this past Sunday.And that you played no small part in it. Your broadcasts have been excellent for tying together large amounts of information from Church History and such that I have been having a hard time digesting over the last several years. Your broadcasts have been fabulous.


THANK YOU! I have really learned a lot from your podcasts, and I think you guys are doing outstanding work. It is a ministry that is desperately needed. What an evangelical outreach! Also, you are both great fun to listen to, a veritable Christian ‘Click & Clack’ (Car Talk radio show). I have a huge regard for your podcasts, and want to encourage you to continue on. I am telling my friends all about it, especially the Protestant ones.


I just listened to your show on “the purpose of Lent”. This show was very helpful and encouraging, as I journey through my first Orthodox Great Lent. I’m still struggling with the Catholic concept of fasting as penance and mortal sin for breaking the fast, so I need all the encouragement I can get πŸ˜‰ I also wanted to let y’all know that this past Friday, I became a catechumen. Your show has had a big part in that decision. Thanks!


I have just found your site. What a wonderful resource for us here in South Africa.I cannot thank you and those who work with you enough for what your teachings have meant to me,and those who I teach each week. For the last three years I have been in the only OC in our Province that is a Greek OC. We have only had one sermon, by a visiting Priest, in English in that time, and have had to rely almost entirely on what we read. Your material has been “manna from heaven”!

RH, South Africa

I love your show. I am not Orthodox yet, but I plan on converting. I was raised protestant. Your archive has helped me greatly and I wanted to say “thank you” from my heart.


Thank you for this show. I am a member of a Baptist church hopefully in transit to Orthodoxy. Your show has helped clarify things about the church that I was fuzzy on.


I am one of those Protestants looking into Eastern Orthodoxy. You guys are quite convincing! I think I’ll probably come around one of these days….I hope you reach your financial goals soon. Your programs are ministering to and educating many people. Where else can one hear “Trinitarian Anthropology?”

Ben, Dallas, TX

I discovered your website a few months ago, and I would like to congratulate you warmly on your efforts. Your almost casual style is very easy to listen to, however, it’s soon obvious that a lot of work and scholarship has gone into the scripts. … I would like to ask for permission to copy your programs for further dissemination, on behalf of two priests I know…in South Australia… Both are quite impressed, and feel that your material would be very useful in their pastoral work.

AO, Australia

“I love your program and your site – I have already passed it on to a friend who has questions about Orthodoxy….I expect he will have many more unanswered questions!”

Nat Woon, Malaysia

“Thank you for your kindness and your effort. Your prayers are also very important to me. I wish I could be able to listen live to your radio programs, they are so interesting. If you ever come to Romania I will be honored to have you as my guest. God bless your family and your mission.”

Andrei Mironescu, Romania

“Love the radio archives. You two are so genial yet profound on the air!”

Christopher Larsen

I look forward to hearing the program. I’m like a little kid at Christmas waiting for the previous Sunday’s program to be posted. I listen to each several times trying to milk it for all she’s worth. Thanks again to you and Bill. I think you need to take the show on the road and come visit where Orthodoxy first started on this continent.

Mike McBride, AK

First, I want to tell you how great your program is. I was introduced to it on Ancient Faith Radio. You teach many important aspects of the faith in clear and concise language. Also I like your comparisons between Orthodox and protestant theology. I frequently find myself in conversations in which I, as a recent convert, need to give a defense to everyone who asks (me) a reason for the hope that is in (me) especially those who cant understand why I converted.

Kathy Hanneman, IL

Thank you for your program. I found Orthodoxy last year, and your program is a goldmine of information for me. You discuss subjects in a clear and concise way, and the format makes them interesting, and has deepened my understanding of Orthodoxy.

Maria Brand, OK

I just wanted to write you a letter saying that you radio program is such a blessing. While I am not officially Orthodox, I am at heart. I live in a mountain community and I do not have access to an Orthodox Church, if I did I would gladly become a member of the Church that Christ founded. ..You program is very refreshing, and I always learn something new…that is the great thing about becoming Orthodox, you never stop learning. I hope our Lord will use you greatly to grow his Church, and if I can help out financially, please do not hesitate to ask. I am a starving student in the medical field, but giving to you would be money well spent. I hope and pray that one day I will become a member of Christ’s Church, but until then I will continue to listen to you and download your programs.

Robert Mahoney, CA

I have been listening to your wonderful show on KPXQ in Arizona. Thank you so much for all the information you have given out. I would very much like to explore in more depth the tenets of Orthodox Christianity. I find myself agreeing with most everything you say.

Elizabeth Yager, Tempe AZ

Thank you for your ministry on the radio. I pray that this ministry can continue to be broadcast. I am a member of (a conservative) Episcopal Church. If our parish were to be closed, I would probably be looking to join the Orthodox Church.

RJ Phillips, Phoenix AZ

I believe it is time for me to go to church. December will be 2 years since I’ve first listened to your Sunday night broadcasts and started to explore Orthodoxy through your broadcasts and books and much prayer. In my heart and mind I believe I’ve resolved enough of the issues that differ from Protestantism and Orthodoxy those issues you’ve called ‘speed bumps.”

Carol Carideo, Phoenix AZ

(Your program has) academic plus spiritual moderation and accuracy, a balance of Scripture and Church Fathers teachings. Most Orthodox bishops and Early Church Fathers emphasize balance in all of their teachings. You have nailed it in that program. I notice the similarity “Our Life in Christ” to the James Dobson style of radio presentation, humor, lively banter, personal insight; yet appealing to Protestants and critical minds by substantial teaching.It is edifying to Orthodox Christians yet instructive to Protestants and the pagan society. It is rather appealing and attracts a mind and heart seeking real truth.

Tymofiy Hawrysh, Alberta Canada

Both my wife, Rachel, and I were ready to learn more, but we were hesitant to just walk into an Orthodox Church on a Sunday morning or even to call a parish priest. Our Life in Christ was able to bridge that gap for us as inquirers.the fact hat your program was specifically geared toward outreach makes it unique. I have searched the Internet again and again in vain trying to find other radio programs similar to yours, because frankly, one hour of your program a week is not enough. One of the things we love so much about your program is that it speaks so well to, and provides answers for non-Orthodox people of all backgrounds.

Derek Sheriff, Phoenix AZ

Sir, Wow, you guys are doing a great job I listened to the rest of the audio files (on the website). If I sent you a box or two of blank CD discs and a few dollars would it be a great trouble to put some more of your show “files” on One CD disc for me and my family?

Christopher J Van Slambrouck

I have just received my copy of the Orthodox Study Bible and I am very grateful for, not only your radio station’s kind offer to mail these bibles to seekers, but also for your station’s other gifts, namely the programs and devotional music. The bible is beautiful and full of wonderful information and study aides. I have been listening to your station online live, as well as the archived programs and find them very helpful in understanding the Orthodox faith. I am now no longer a seeker, but officially a catechumen. There are no radio stations that offer any kind of Orthodox programming so the internet is my only option. So if asking my opinion this would be a great value for others in my situation.

Janet Kile Harwell, SC

My name is Chett. I was a member of a cult for 20 years, The World Wide Church of God. I am now a member of North Phoenix Baptist Church. I am trying to overcome the false teachings of the cult and am seeking God’s truth. I am interested on any recommendations your have concerning study materials on the subject of last weeks broadcast. Please send me anything you can.

Chett, AZ

Yes, this was my first time listening to your program. I am usually asleep at that time because I work the night shift; however, my wife and I had to respond to a friend’s request. So while on the road I tuned into your program- it was all Providence! Recently a very traditional Catholic priest recommended The Way of The Pilgrim an excellent book and just a few weeks ago I came across an icon of St. Seraphim on the internet. That particular book and that icon lead me to re-study Church history (I was already familiar with the Church Fathers and Councils). Now I am hoping to understand how the Eastern Church views Rome and its particular dogmas.

Kel McMahon, AZ

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  1. I found your site through a link from Glenn Packiam. I started listening to some of your podcasts and am interested in an Orthodox Study Bible if you are still sending those out.

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